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Welome to Tillema & Sons Masonry Blog!

Welcome !!!

This blog is designed to help both contractor and home or business owner to understand both sides of a sometimes complicated relationship. Most of the information will be useful to contractors and business or homeowners.

As a home owner or business person your building or remodelling project is important to you. Its your dream. You want it to run smoothly without a flaw. As a contractor you want this process to go as smoothly as possible as well. And although this is not your dream, you understand that it is their dream and that your expertise is needed to get the job done. The main point is , there will be bumps and almost no building or remodelling project goes without a hitch. This blog is meant to help you get over these bumps and help the Home or business owner and the contractor learn to work together so that your dream project ends up a positive experience for both parties . Feel free to comment and ask questions. Suggestions for blog subjects are always welcome. Enjoy!

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