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Shantal's Story *

Shantel's Story*

I will be posting some stories on this blog once in a while. These will be stories from both contractors and homeowners. They may be good or bad, Some may be helpful to you as well. Feel free to add your story. This is Shantel's story:

*names may be changed She and her family hired a local "contractor" to remodel her home and do some minor repairs. Without a thorough background check they contracted him through the bank. If you are hiring through a bank or insurance company they only promise to pay the contractor they do not check the contractor nor do they guarantee the work to be done. ALWAYS have a written contract between you and the contractor! The Bank paid the contractor up front. The contractor was doing terrible work and finally when the family had enough he walk off the job, WITH THEIR MONEY. In his wake he left shoddy plumbing , dangerous steps, half done tape and bedding and texturing, a leaky roof, nail holes and broken siding and much more! He was also not licensed for any of the contracting that required it. Hard lesson learned. Red Flags: Asking more than half up front. (many contractors will require money as a down payment , it should never be more than half) No licence for work that requires one (some construction does not require licence in some states , always check) No contract between homeowner and contractor. Thankfully Shantel found a good contractor to re do much of the work. Unfortunately some of it had to be done by family because of lack of funds.

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