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Why choose ICF over traditional construction?

First of all, you may be wondering "What is ICF ?".

ICF is Insulated Concrete forms , and its some amazing stuff!

Our company are certified installers of this method. Our training gave us some insight into why people would choose this method of construction. The most amazing thing to me personally is the protection it offers. ICF is wind resistant beyond 300 MPH, so your home or office will still be standing in your average tornado or hurricane. It is also interesting to note that it is fire resistant with a fire rating of 4 hours. Most wildfires burn quickly, so there is a strong possibility your home or office, although damaged, would not be burned to the ground. This method is also energy efficient and green, saving owners by half or more on heating and cooling bills. An ICF building will also save on insurance which can be expensive in high-risk areas.

Here is an example of the monthly costs of an ICF home over a traditional home in a high-risk area:


Value of new Home: $300,000 $330,000

Monthly Payment: $1,251 $1,350

Monthly Heating/cooling : $400 $150

Insurance: $500 $200

Total per month $2,201 $1700


That's just over $6000 per year you can save in your home using ICF

( Note this is an example. Some areas may save a little more, some a little less; please see your ICF dealer for details in your area)

What if you have already built your home or office in a traditional way? Never fear. We have solutions for you! We can also add ICF to existing structures. It is an excellent option for Safe rooms, bunkers, tornado shelters, etc. These can be built inside existing structures and finished and decorated as a traditional room or closet, so you don’t lose space. If you prefer, we can also build outdoor above or below-ground shelters.

If you want more info on ICF, feel free to comment.

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