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 At Tillema & Sons Masonry we view our work as an art form not just a job.

Tillema & Sons will give you the quality results you would expect from people who actually love what they do. We strive to accomplish YOUR dream while using quality materials and proven methods to create results that last.

We are experienced in commercial and residential masonry as well as restoration of existing structures. We treat our customers' project with the same care that we would use if it were our own.

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Operations Manager/ Mason
Peter Tillema
Senior Manager
Tiffany Tillema

Pete Tillema has been in the Masonry Business since 1989 and Running his own business since 1993. He loves the work and it shows. He learned to love Masonry as an art by apperenticing under some of the best Masons in the DFW area and quickly learned that it was something he wanted to do in his life.

He now is a part owner and Operations manager of Tillema & Sons Masonry.

Tender /Apprentice
Dillon Tillema

Tiffany Tillema Has been Part owner of Tillema & Sons Masonry since 2012. She has been a part of the company since it was founded in 1993 working as a tender and secretary. Tiffany has been around Masonry her entire life. Her Paternal Grandfather , father , and  two Uncles were all Masons. In 1993 she married Pete, a mason and founder of Tillema Masonry which was later named Tillema & Sons.

Dillon Tillema is a Tender and Apprentice learning the trade the old fashioned way while also attending classes. Hopes to be a master Mason one day

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